DIY Book Page Roses.

What you'll need: 
  • a book (preferably something old or one you don't mind ripping pages out of.)
  • scissors
  • a pencil
  • a toothpick, or something similarly shaped.
  • hot glue gun

Find pages in your book that have lots of text on both sides. rip as many of those pages out as you'd like. 
Once your pages are ready, draw a scalloped spiral on one side of the page and cut it out. If you're wondering what a scalloped circle looks like, this is what mine looks like cut out: 

(no, i didn't tear pages from "Catching Fire". I promise.)
Erase your pencil marks (or you can be lazy like me and wait til the flower is almost done to erase the marks.)

Now, start from the end of the spiral, and begin wrapping it tightly around your toothpick. I happened to use the end of my paintbrush, since it was right in front of me. 

Just keep rolling, just keep rolling....

Once you have it all rolled up, you should have the middle of the spiral left over. Remove your toothpick, and set the rose in the palm of your hand. Let go, and let it unravel a bit and loosen up.    Once you have it at the size that you want it, put a dot of glue on the middle of the spiral (what's left hanging from the rolled up section)  and press it firmly against the bottom of the rose. This holds the shape of the rose in place. 

After I made several of these book page roses, I decided to attach them to some gold wire I had lying around, and put them in a jar. I think they look adorable. :) 

Have fun! 


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