5 Websites I am Obsessed With Right Now...


Reddit is an internet community where its users share the most interesting information and news online.  It's a place where many memes are generated, and rage comics roam free. If you have never perused it before, give it a shot...just don't blame me when you get up from the computer at 5 a.m. wondering where the last 9 hours of your day went. It's addicting. There, I warned you.
Here's what you need to know...

  • Go to www.reddit.com
  • Create an account (you only need to create a username & pword, and it doesn't put you through any of that registration crap.) 

From there, you can either browse the links on the frontpage and figure it out for yourself,
(what I would recommend...)
Click "edit" in the top right-hand corner. It will bring up a list of  "sub-reddits". Sub-reddits are basically different topics of interest. Users will post links relating to that topic. You can browse the list of sub-reddits first and find the pages that you're the most interested in and go from there. If you like what you see in a particular sub-reddit, click the small green icon on the right side of every sub-reddit that says "frontpage", and it will add top posts from these sub-reddits to your frontpage for your viewing pleasure.
Posts get to the frontpage by being very popular and getting many "up-votes" (see the number to the left of the post? that is the amount of upvotes that post has. the higher the number, the more popular the post.) You can vote a post up or down by clicking on the arrows above and below the upvote number. if you really like a specific post, give it an upvote. If you thought it was a waste of your time, vote it down.
Alright, so that's Reddit. Enjoy.

2) Pinterest.com

I am a newbie to Pinterest, but I am obsessed just the same. Pinterest is a place where users can "pin" things from other websites that they like. I mostly look at pinterest for craft ideas. There are a lot of great DIY projects there to keep you busy! While on the subject of Pinterest, another site worth looking into is Craftgawker.com. It's a similar aesthetic but has a bigger volume of craft ideas. I use it when looking for new things to "pin" at Pinterest, that way I have somewhere to store all my future craft projects easily. Pinterest is also great if you have other friends who are users. You can "follow" their pinboards and see what they're loving at the moment. I have fellow crafty friends, so this is a great way to share project ideas, then you have someone to do them with!
If you are looking for something to keep you busy and have a knack for crafting, go to www.pinterest.com and request an invite. They will send an invitation link to your email, so don't give them one you don't use. I received my invitation within 24 hours.
(Don't forget to check out www.craftgawker.com as well!)

3) 586 Square Feet (fivehundredeightysixsqft.wordpress.com)

This blog is amazing. Here, you will meet Jen, a fellow bad-ass. Jen's clever blog is full of helpful tips (especially for young women), recent craft projects, wine reviews...basically her life within her 586 sq foot apartment. One of my favorite posts is about making jewelry with feathers and bullet casings. I think it's a great way to make some unique pieces and I can't wait to try it out!

4) Essential Ingredient (essentialingredient.wordpress.com)

Another amazing blog for young women. Sharelle is the name of this lovely blogger. She is a fitness instructor and posts great exercise tips, healthy meals (with recipes). This is a feel-good blog, and when you read it you'll feel like you found your new best friend!

5) Glowsticking.com

Something I've recently become obsessed with. I am just beginning to teach myself how to do "glowstringing", which is a type of dance using glowsticks. Glowstringing is similar in some ways to "Poi", a maori style of dance where you swing tethered weights in rhythmic, geometric patterns. My main goal is to learn fire poi, (which involves lighting the weighted ends of the tools on fire and swinging them... this is very beautiful, especially when done in the dark.) and glowstringing is basically a cheaper variation of the fire poi with slightly different style. Glowsticking.com is a great site with tutorials and tips for people who are learning how to do glowsticking or glowstringing.

(I will also be adding videos of myself doing the glowstringing once I have some basic moves down. It's bound to be entertaining whether I'm good at it or not, so look out for those.)

Now get busy checking these out!!

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