DIY Cosmic Tee

Looking for a way to spruce up an old black top that's been sitting in the back of your closet forever? Good.
Now, pay attention. :)

What I Used:

  • Old black t-shirt or tank top
  • Spray bottle filled with 1 part bleach, 1 part water.
  • SEI Tumble Dye Spray (Primary pack)
  • White acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Sponge or foam brush (optional)
  • Piece of cardboard or something similar to put inside the shirt to prevent the bleach from leaking through to the back. (optional)
Before I get started on this tutorial, I just want to take a moment and tell you how much I have fallen in love with this spray dye. It is super easy to use, the colors are very bold, you just have to throw it in the dryer to set the dye, and it even came with a little idea packet to get my creativity flowing! (No, SEI is not paying me to endorse them. I just really love this stuff and can't wait to get more!)

Anywho, on with the tutorial. 

Gather your materials in a WELL-VENTILATED AREA. Bleach fumes are no good for you! 

Put your black t-shirt on a hanger, and clip a piece of cardboard to the hanger so that it is between the front and back of the shirt. 
(This step IS optional...I didn't use any cardboard because I didn't mind if the bleach leaked through to the back since I was going to be spraying it anyway. But if you have a very specific pattern for the bleach in mind, I would suggest using it.)

Spray the bleach onto the black t-shirt however you want. Keep in mind, a little bleach goes a long way,  you DO NOT need to soak the garment in bleach. I would suggest doing a few squirts at a time and wait a few moments for the bleach to start working so that you can see which areas need more/less. The shirt will start getting lighter almost immediately, so you won't have to wait long.

Once you are satisfied with the bleach splatter, let it air dry for about five to ten minutes, while you get your white acrylic paint ready. 

Squirt some white paint on your palette and dip the tip of your paint brush into it.  Use your fingers to flick the paint brush towards the shirt, spraying it with small white dots of acrylic paint. Repeat on the backside. When you are satisfied with the amount of white paint, use your sponge or foam brush and press it onto the white spots, to blend the paint into the fabric. The sponge part is optional, based on your tastes. I actually prefer the splattered look without sponging it into the garment.

Whip out your spray dyes, and start spraying your colors of choice onto the shirt. I have the primary set, which comes with red, blue, and yellow dyes. I unfortunately ran out of the red before I started this tank top, so I only used the blue and yellow dyes on this one. Remember, you can mix your primary colors to make other colors too! Red + Yellow = Orange, Red + Blue = Purple, and Yellow + Blue = Green.

When you're satisfied with the amount of color on your shirt, let the shirt air dry overnight, then toss it in the dryer for about 25 minutes. The dye is now set and you can wash the shirt like normal! 

That's it! Enjoy creating your cosmic tees, and show me what you make! I would love to see your individual creations! :)

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