Sorry, blog-world. No DIY post this weekend. A lot has been going on this week, so I have very little time or energy to focus on blogging for the next few days. It's all good though, don't worry! :)
While I'm on the subject, lots of good news to share!
Shane called me while he was at work yesterday afternoon and told me that Ken (his boss) wanted me to come in this morning and start working with them. No application/interview or anything. I have worked under Ken before (around the time that I started this blog... remember The Bear? ) but was still surprised that I was offered the job just like that!
Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity and woke up bright and early this morning (5:00AM! UGH) to start orientation and training for this new job. It was a long, overwhelming first day, but I am excited to start raking in the dough!
The other great thing about the job is that I will be able to actually SEE Shane more often. With him working 2nd shift (*AHEM* the BACHELOR shift), the only time that we got to see each other was in the morning before work, and late at night when he got home, and on the weekends. Granted, I won't be working in the same department as him, but we have the same shift and will still be able to take our breaks and lunches together, which is fantastic! Plus, since we can carpool, we won't have to take separate cars and waste gas, which is a huge bonus, considering it is a 45 minute commute one-way. I am overjoyed! Okay, okay, I'm done rambling about it.

In other news, I have a TON of new jewelry to add to BaubleHeadz (my Etsy store) this weekend, (which is why I won't be blogging) so take a look and be sure to check back regularly for new listings! I have some SUPER cute pieces that I know you guys will love! So excited!

Welp, that's it for now. I'm brain-dead, and feel like I'm running on autopilot, so I'm going to quit typing, veg and watch Gossip Girl for a few hours.

See you all next Monday with a brand-spankin'-new playlist!

Seacrest out.

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