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Hey blog world! I have a lot more free time now, so I will be starting regular posting soon. I just completed a few custom orders for my store, BaubleHeadz and have been working on a lot of amazing new jewelry! I am so proud of what I've made lately, and wanted to share it here with you.
When I put up the new jewelry, I took down a lot of my older listings. The purpose for this is to completely disassemble everything (which I spent an entire day doing on Sunday) and revamp everything. The quality of my jewelry and my skill has improved so much since I opened shop in January, and I want that reflected in my store as well.
The store has also been completely streamlined price-wise, so you always know what to expect.
ALL necklaces- $15
ALL bracelets- $10
ALL earrings- $5/pair

The only instance where a listing would deviate from this pricing would be if it were a custom order or if the listing is for a set. (i.e.: 2 pairs of earrings sold as a set would be sold for $8).

If you want to order something custom-made, or if you have any questions, please e-mail me at Quirkability@gmail.com.
Also, before e-mailing me with your questions, be sure to check out my shop policies. Your question may possibly be addressed there.

Now that I've rambled so much, ON WITH THE JEWELRY!!

green aventurine pendant necklace

green bubble necklace

rainy days necklace

pale pink stone necklace

green aventurine bird nest necklace

colorful crosses bracelet

green stone and amber chip necklace

chunky chain n' stone necklace

tribal-style necklace

stone bracelet

red squiggle necklace

yellow party necklace

dyed howlite turquoise layered necklace

disc n' bone beaded necklace

silver crosses layered necklace

metallic hearts bracelet

boho arrow pendant necklace

green stone chip bracelet

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