new beginnings

My store will be opening on Etsy later this week! Woo-hoo! I may have mentioned it in a previous blog post, but I will be mainly focusing on jewelry, although I may throw in some home deco. items like paintings or other odds and ends every once in awhile. 
Along with me is our friend AJ, who will also be selling some items in my store. He will be mainly doing hemp jewelry.  Another possible addition to the team is Shane's mom, Noreen. She makes some AWESOME lamps out of wine bottles that are absolutely gorgeous, so she may also be selling with us. Very exciting!!
Also, to ensure I don't provide incorrect information, I won't be posting any details on where to go until after everything's finalized and I'm open for business.

Although I can't show you where to buy these items just yet, I can give you a sneak peek at some of the jewelry I've made recently that will be listed for sale. Enjoy!

(If, by chance, you are interested in purchasing any of these pieces, comment on this post or send me an email at quirkability@gmail.com and we can discuss reserving the listing for you once the store is up and running.)

necklace: silver chain w/ light blue seed beads & teapot pendant

necklace: silver chain w/ multi orange beads and glass turtle 

necklace: silver chain w/ hot pink seed beads & leaf pendant

necklace: twisted blue, lt. blue & pink seed beads
w/ buddha pendant

necklace: clear purple seed beads w/ gold seed beads
and flower pendant

necklace: purple & tan oblong beads with black round beads

earrings: gold beads w/ pearls on silver wire
accentuated by wire flowers on the bottom

earrings: gold seed beads and black disc beads on silver wire

earrings: gold cylinder seed beads with black stone beads on silver wire

earrings: hot pink seed beads, gold seed beads,
and turquoise round beads on pink wire

earrings: multi green seed beads with blue/green glass
teardrop beads on silver wire

earrings: multi-orange seed beads with flower charms on silver wire

earrings: hot pink seed beads and blue beads on silver wire

earrings: dark brown stone beads with small red round beads on red wire

necklace: gold chain with wooden heart pendant

necklace: turquoise beads and faux pearls with decorative
wooden pendant

bracelet: amber glass beads and small translucent amber seed beads 

bracelet: floral round beeds with brown disk beads

bracelet: blue/green glass teardrop beads

necklace: pearly white seed beads and white stone beads
with owl pendant
Also, if you have any questions about the lengths of these items, what types of clasps they have, or if you want more pictures of a certain item, etc... please e-mail me.  Thanks!


  1. what are the prices? x

  2. The prices will be listed on the Etsy store this weekend. Check back for the link to it!