Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope everyone has a LOVELY day! 

I found some hilarious science-inspired Valentine's Day cards yesterday. These are the only Valentine's I ever want to receive: 

Ahh. Happy Valentine's Day! I wrote this on Facebook a bit earlier, but I might as well share it here too... 

Today is not about buying chocolates or expensive things for your significant other. If that's what you think, then i feel sorry for you. To me, it's a great opportunity to let those around me know i love them. So, instead of bitching about this "hallmark holiday", why don't you take advantage of it and make someone in your life feel special for a day? It doesn't have to cost you any money. Just let someone know that you're thinking of them today. I bet even the blackest heart would appreciate it.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day today. 

Also, I know I promised a better picture of the fancy party shoes, and some pictures of recent artwork and jewelry, and I've been slacking. But here ya go...

First, I'll start off with those shoes. I have found it is VERY difficult to take a photo with the crap camera I have that does them any justice. They really are the cutest shoes ever. But I mainly wanted to show you how much more sparkly they look after drying overnight. I know it's still not the greatest quality but I think they look more sparkly than they did in the pictures from the tutorial: 

Here are some adorable rings that I made the other day. I have more, but these are my two favorites... 

Glitter Heart Ring (perfect for wearing today!): 

And, of course, I had to make this adorable dinosaur ring. I love it!!:

I also re-worked several of my own necklaces and made a few new ones. Here are the results:

Also, I made some cute wall art! 

The last painting with the Dr. Who reference was made as part of a birthday gift for Shane. My favorite part is the tiny Tardis that I painted on the bottom. :)

And here are some of the more recent items that I've added to my shop:

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So, ladies and gents, that's what I've been up to for the last couple weeks, craft-wise. Stay tuned tomorrow for Witty Wednesday! Wittier and Wednesday-er than ever!


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