Mixin' It Up.

Sooo.... I decided to permanently move DIY Friday to Saturday.... thereby making it DIY Saturday. With the way my week goes, it really wasn't wise of me to plan a tutorial on Fridays. It just doesn't work out for me time-wise. So look forward to tutorials on SATURDAYS! Thanks everyone for staying tuned while I'm so scatterbrained. Ahh!

In other news, Shane brought me some flowers tonight.

They aren't fully bloomed yet, that's why they look kinda bare. Plus, my PRO PHOTOGRAPHY (check the sarcasm) is nothing to phone home about. Anyhow, he knows I've been in kinda of a grump mood lately (PMS), and it really brightened up my night. We haven't gotten to spend all that much time together lately because of his hours at work, and it sucks sometimes. But he enjoys his job, and we enjoy the time that we DO get together. Plus he goes and surprises me with nice things like this. I'm a lucky girl. :)

Have a great weekend, Blog world!

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