PURRSday [hybrid puppies]

YAY! It's time for the first PURRsday feature! Every Thursday I will be showing off the most adorable pictures I can find, and each post will feature a different animal. Enjoy!


This little guy is a POMSKY.
50% Pomeranian
50% Husky
100% The CUTEST thing I have seen in my entire freaking life.
More info about the Pomsky:

The pomsky is a designer breed and well sought after. The pomsky standard is between 5 to 25 pounds leaving occasionaly the 25 pound dog (not often though). This breed has a sweet temperament and is a great family dog.
Pomskies are spirited but docile. Don’t let their size fool you. They are more agile and active than they look. They mainly sport a foxlike head and small erect ears. The most attractive feature is its long coat which is especially full on the neck and chest. They look much closer to the Pomeranians than the Siberian Huskies. Still, the name Pomsky is a perfect blend of the two names suggesting their mixed breed – the “Pom” from Pomeranians and the “sky” from Husky.

This cutie is a WOLF HYBRID.
I have wanted a wolf of my own ever since I started watching Game of Thones. (Winterfell, here I come!)

More info about Wolf Hybrids:
A Wolf-hybrid can be quite skittish and does not respond well to inanimate objects, fast motion, loud noises, or new people. They require much patience.  Training is not for the weak and serious consideration should be given prior to obtaining a wolf-hybrid dog as they require firm, consistent training and ample space to roam.  If there's something you find foul and offensive you can bet a wolf dog will roll happily in it and coat themselves in the funk! It is not until a Wolf Hybrid is about 18 months of age, that it will start showing signs of the wolf. Wolfs younger than 18 months of age are adolescents, they are playful and adaptable. They take directions readily and can bond with other species. Young wolves act more like the common dog as they have not developed into maturity. As a wolf grows out of its adolescents, its hormonal system reaches maturity and it will begin to exhibit all of the typical behaviors of the wolf.

Next up is the LABRADOODLE.
The Labradoodle is the first "designer dog" that I had ever heard of, back in the day. So cute. 

More info about the Labradoodle:
The Labradoodle is known for its outstanding intelligence and trainability, low allergy coat, low to non-shedding coat and lack of doggie odor. They are slightly heavier than the Standard Poodle with strong front limbs. They are an overall balanced dog with a slightly longer than square build.

The Labradoodle's head is broad and their eyes are large, slightly round and set apart. Their nose is square and large. The tail is like a saber and should be low set.

The Labradoodle is good with children and is easy to train. They get along well with other dogs, are extremely clever, sociable and joyful and quick to learn unusual or special tasks. They are active, a little comical at times and can attempt to outsmart their owners if undisciplined. They are non-aggressive and friendly, although obviously loyal to their own family.

And last, but not least, the PUGGLE!
Shane's brother brought their puggle, Henry over for Christmas 2011 and I could not get enough of the little guy! 

More info about the Puggle:
Puggles tend to be between 15 and 30 pounds as an adult, and stand 10 to 15 inches at the shoulders. Puggles are similar in size to their parent breeds, the Pug and Beagle. Puggles can be considered lap dogs because of their relatively small size and demeanor. The head of a first generation Puggle can vary in size and shape. Some Puggles have larger, fuller heads, while others have thinner, smaller heads. Male Puggles are often larger and more muscular then female Puggles.

Puggles are very sweet-tempered and playful. They are energetic, intelligent, and affectionate. A Puggle is a great companion and will bond with you quickly. Puggles like to be in close contact and will follow you around the house. They are also very curious dogs that love to smell new things and find new places to go. They have a great sense of smell and will track scents like the beagle. Puggles are always happy to see you when you return from being away. A proud Puggle will at times prance. To say a Puggle is a social dog is an understatement. They love meeting new dogs at the dog parks or while out on a walk in the neighborhood. Puggles are very friendly and get along with most people. They are good around children, young adults, adults, as well as seniors. Puggles also do good around other pets and around a second or third Puggle.

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