Soo... I realized I hadn't told all of you about what we did on Halloween, and man do I have some exciting stories to tell you! (*sarcasm alert*)
Basically, Halloween was kind of a bust this year. As I stated in a previous post, my costume plans fell through a couple times, and I had plans to do a last minute costume...well, I posted that, then went to start working on said costume, and part of that included spray painting stripes onto a t-shirt. As I was trimming off the tape, I cut a big ol' hole in the shirt.
I was devastated and had a mini panic because I had nothing to wear when we went out (looking back, I laugh about this because it was so irrelevant.) So, I frantically hit up Google for some SUPER DUPER last minute ideas. I didn't find much, so I thought I'd try my hand at making a pretty masquerade mask to wear with my fancy black lace dress. That worked out great... until I cut the eye-holes. They were just a little bit too far apart and slightly uneven. I didn't have the mental patience or the willpower to do it again. I was about to give up completely, when I thought about trying my hand at costume makeup. Nothing fancy.
I scoured the internet for ideas that were simple enough for someone like me to pull off, and found a few really adorable ones! My creative juices started flowing again, and I ultimately made a decision to still wear my fancy black dress, but do porcelain doll makeup instead and curled all of my hair into little ringlets (THIS TOOK FOREVERRRRR and I have super fine, thin hair. I do not pretend to know how you ladies with lots and lots of thick hair manage to curl all of it. Maybe I'm just a weakling.)
Here is my porcelain doll face makeup (phone pic quality, sorry.):
And that's not makeup all above my eyebrows, that's just how my forehead creases when I raise my eyebrows. I might even be the only one who notices it, but it drives me nuts.
Basically, I did my moisturizer/primer/bb cream routine, then i used the lightest powder I could find last-minute at Walgreens (we checked the Halloween store, and they did not have ANYTHING! wtf!) and patted that all over my face, blending into my neck. Then, I filled in my brows and put concealer over my lips so that they would blend in with the rest of my face, more or less. Then, I put on liquid liner and applied my fake lashes, did the rest of my eye makeup and finished with another coat of the liquid liner over the fake lash line so that it blended in better. Then, i made the little bow lips over mine, paying attention to the cupid's bow (middle of your top lip) and sort of creating the shape of a heart with a rounded bottom. To finish it off, i did a circle of pink blush on the apples of each of my cheeks, and I was all done!

So, I finished up my look, and Shane went with his go-to pirate costume, I whipped up an eye-patch for him, and we hit the town. Only to realize that all of our friends were working that night. We wound up going to a local hookah bar, Swing State. I had never been before, and Shane assured me we'd have a good time. Oh how wrong he was. It wasn't that Swing State isn't a good place to hang out, (because I actually did enjoy the band, or at least the song or two that I heard while I was there) but it was filled with 17 year old hipsters and it tiny and it was PACKED.
We made an effort to enjoy ourselves... for about ten minutes. We both are prone to anxiety attacks in situations like these, although he has it much worse than I do. He started to feel super anxious, so we walked right back out of there. We discussed going out to a bar, but without having anyone to meet up with, it seemed kinda silly to pay for alcohol and talk to each other when we can go home and drink for free. So, we went home, and both of our stomachs started to get sour, so we changed out of our costumes and got into PJs by 10PM and called it an early night.

Hope your Halloween was a million times better!

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