the people person's paper people.

As of yesterday, Shane and I are glorified paper pushers for our local school district. The work is mind-numbingly boring. Essentially, I spend the first third of my day making small talk with middle-aged women and wondering if I drank enough coffee to keep up the chit-chat until lunchtime...the second third consists of making pouty faces at Shane and gouging myself in the hand with any number of office supplies... the last third of the work day calls for lots of yawning and making jokes that no one else thinks are funny. So... yeah. That's pretty much what I'm getting paid for right now. 
Also, this place is huge, and it's a fucking maze. What makes it worse (and you know this if you've ever been a passenger in my car) is that I have little to no sense of direction. The building we're working in used to be a school, and there are long empty hallways with no helpful signs and little weird stairways EVERYWHERE YOU TURN, and before you know it, you passed the bathroom 14 miles back and you're well on your way to the 3rd floor janitor's closet and now you're in a pickle. I'm too scared to venture out on my own and see if they have a more acceptable, less rape-y bathroom, or even a working coffee pot, for that matter. 
Anyway, the bright side of this is that we're making a lot of extra money for the time being, which we definitely have been needing, and I get to spend the day finding ways to subtly flirt with Shane without anyone catching on. He makes everything infinitely more enjoyable. On that note, I should take a second to give Shane some recognition. He is taking on an extra 40 hours a week on top of his evening job working at Outback. I really am very lucky to have such a hard-working, dedicated man. 

So that's it for the work news for now. 

On another note, I've come to terms with the fact that my love affair with It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia is over. I bought the 1st and 2nd season on dvd back in the day when that was all they had out so far and watched the shit out of every episode. It was like visual crack. I stayed loyal through the 3rd...4th...5th....6th season...I even enjoyed the fucking Christmas special. I patiently waited each week for the next episode, and looked forward to each new season...but Sunny, you have finally let me down. There is only so much I can take of Dee's constant screeching/bug-eyes every time there is a minor plot development. Charlie's still stupid, Dennis is still a chauvinist, but whoa, hold the phones, Mac's fat now! Awesome. I get it. It was great for awhile, but now when I watch, it feels like I'm sitting in a room with one of the writers and he just keeps telling me the same joke over and over and over again. Also, I am getting tired of seeing how disgusting Danny DeVito can make himself look. Yes, I understand that's his thing, and I appreciate that, but it's getting old. DeVito is a very talented actor, but it's especially frustrating to think he will possibly end his career making frat boys laugh with filth humor. Anyhow, I've decided that a 7th season of the same old gimmicks is really just a waste of my time. /rant.

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