I have been slacking on this project for months, but FINALLY, I have made my own pair of glitter shoes, and I'm going to show you how to make them too!

What you'll need: 
mod podge, $8 at Michaels, glitter $2 at Walmart, shoes $15 at Target

-lots of glitter, in whichever color(s) you prefer. 
-mod podge (or whatever else you like to use for decoupage projects)
-paint brush or foam brush
-shoes (i bought a pair of black flats from Target for $14.99)
-clear gloss spray (not pictured)

Once you have all of your materials together, make sure you have a workspace that is glitter friendly (although this project doesn't get as messy as you may think) just in case there is a spill. 

Start by mixing your mod podge and glitter together. As you can see, I used about half of my glitter shaker. 
This is what the mixture should look like: 
Yes, looks kinda gross, but don't worry, it dries clear later.
Once you have your glitter mixture, stuff newspaper or paper towels into the shoes (to prevent drippage on the inside) and start spreading the mixture onto the outside of the shoe. 

Here's what mine looked like after the first coat.
I did 3 coats of this mixture on each shoe, and i let them dry for about 45 minutes between coats.
While waiting for the shoes to dry, I made some of these cute little felt rosettes. No idea what I'll be using them for, but i had extra felt scraps, and it helped to pass the time!)

After the first two coats... almost done!
And finally, after adding a third coat, letting them dry and adding the gloss spray this afternoon.... Voila!

BAM. glitter shoes.
I couldn't wait to put them on!!
(please excuse the unshaven legs. yikes.)
Now that my glitter shoes are done, I am moving onto my next project... transforming a wooden cubby thing I got from Michaels on clearance for $14.99. 

But more on that in my next blog post.... 
Happy crafting!