Guilty Pleasures...

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about guilty pleasures, of which I have plenty. A guilty pleasure is basically something you enjoy, but would be embarrassed about if anyone else found out. Here are my top five:

Cheesy/Bad Reality Shows.

 Alright, so if you know me really well, this one isn't a HUGE secret, but I don't think anyone realizes how many awful reality shows I actually watch. I crave them. When Shane goes to work at night, all I want to do is crack open a bag of gummy worms and a bottle of wine and get my fix. Whether it's Dancing With The Stars, Jersey Shore (i know. i'm sorry.), The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Celebrity Apprentice, Rock of Love (actually, I went as Bret Michaels for Halloween a few years ago...no, I will not post pictures.), or Hell's Kitchen, I am, unfortunately, sucked right in. I watch in moderation (most of the time) but I can feel my brain rotting just the same. 

(what my actual browser looks like after re-upping on reddit links)
 I know I blogged about this before, but it isn't the site itself that makes me feel "guilty", it's how much time I spend looking at it. There are many nights when Shane and I will sit next to each other for hours each with our own reddit pages open on our separate laptops, laughing and showing each other pictures the other person has already seen because they clicked on it .5 seconds before. Sometimes I get too lazy to reddit myself, and I just watch over his shoulder. Moments like that are when I think, "Damn, I need a few more hobbies..." 

Glitter. Lots of glitter. 

If I could, I would make everything I owned sparkle. Anytime I see something glittery, no matter what, I want it. One of my favorite guilty-pleasure-glitter buys is my silver glitter piggy bank. I bought it for $5 at Old Navy. Did I need it? Absolutely not. But it is so sparkly and I have zero buyer's remorse. Tomorrow, I am FINALLY making some glitter shoes that I have been wanting to make for far too long, and I cannot wait. (I will also be posting pictures along with descriptions on how I did them, so you can make a pair too!

Used books/movies on Amazon. 

Okay, this isn't necessarily a "guilty" pleasure, but if I had a lot of money to blow on it, you better believe it would be. If you didn't already know this, used books and movies are typically SUPER cheap on Amazon.com. I buy from sellers with good reputations (usually bookstores will have accounts where they sell used inventory very cheap) and I try to get the highest quality for the least amount of money. I have had a lot of luck with this, and have only been disappointed one time, when the shippers took FOR-FREAKING-EVER to get a movie to me. I would recommend it if anyone is looking to beef up their collections and not spend a ton

Bein' all "mushy". 

(a note that Shane left for me the other day. :)    )
I love my boyfriend. A lot. If it weren't for our respect for our friends'/families' gag reflexes, you would probably see more of that love than you ever wanted to. We ARE that sickening couple that is always holding hands and wearing matching clothes and looking adoringly into each others eyes. You wouldn't really know it if you hung out with us, because we understand that not everyone wants to hear "I love you bubzy-wubzy" every two minutes. But you know what? I hope that this "guilty" pleasure never ever changes. 

Welp, those are mine. What are yours?

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